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Is par dost gusse me aaya
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Dus log comment bhi kar chuke
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Sar mat kha, chal bhaag yahaan se!

About Rules

An interesting excerpt from "... Essays on Graduate Education" by David Merrill:

"... most rules were created because some problem occurred that required a difficult decision. To avoid the problem in the future a regulation is created. However, the same problem never seems to occur again, but the rule is then applied to a number of other situations that were not problems previously but because of the rule they are now problems."

Rules, nevertheless, cannot be done away with, so it is important to frame them right. Most rules are broad and hard constraints, and that is what hurts. For example, a minimum of 60% marks or 2 years experience as the eligibility criteria has many loopholes. Among others,

- 60% at universities A and B may not be comparable
- 60.1 in a certain combination of courses could be worse than 59.9 in some other combination
- Even across two years, the value of 60% could be vastly different. Most universities do not have any concept of a standardised score that is even roughly comparable across years

Similar objections can be raised against the time criterion.

Relative to the importance they place on depth and rigour in academic matters, even the topmost institutes are very careless when it comes to rules and regulations. They use bulldozers where small hammers are required, losing a lot of good stuff in the debris.

Rulebooks are typically a sequence of "if (condition) eliminate/pick" rules. Careful consideration would lead to much more nesting in the rules, but the system would become complicated and brittle. This sounds familiar. Probabilistic systems vs. Rule-based systems in AI?

So what we really need is a system where no criterion eliminates or picks absolutely -- it only diminishes or boosts the probability of being chosen.

There are difficulties with this system also: a) where many people from varied backgrounds are involved, it is too much work to find reasonable parameters and weights, and b) the choice of parameters and weights would still be subjective and some people (fewer hopefully) would still have reason to complain.

But it is when even small organizations/institutes/departments fall into the trap of 'broad and hard' rules that the situation becomes so ridiculous that we have to call it bureaucracy!

Revenge complete! Season redeemed!

It has not been a happy season for the Arsenal fan. The only way the season could now be redeemed was through a thrashing of ManU in the FA cup final. 4-0 would have been great. Even 3-0 would have done.

In life, very rarely does it happen that you think of a best case scenario and something even better turns out. It happened yesterday.

Everyone was expecting Arsenal to mesmerize ManU with their slick passing, flowing movement, piercing attacks, and committed defense. Instead they turned up as if for a training session on Monday morning after a tough weekend.

They kept van Persie and Freddie on the bench for most of the match, and the only real striker, the 36 year old Bergkamp played like he would in his post-retirement farewell match. It was a stroll in the centre circle for Viera. Pires and Gilberto successfully intercepted passes between their own players and offered the ball back to ManU. And once when Reyes found the ball with an open goal in sight, he executed a spectacular back pass to Fabregas who was standing between three ManU players -- Fabregas's only touch of the match. Cole, Toure, and Lauren kept tripping ManU players around the box with the only conceivable intention of giving away free kicks -- the ball was nowhere around during these tackles. And on corners, the Gunners kept pushing each other out of the way of Nistelrooy and Scholes to allow them clear headers at goal. Senderos even gave a pass to Giggs with only Lehmann to beat. But Giggs decided to give the goalkeeper a hug instead of striking.

Then came the penalty shoot-out. Five perfect penalties and the FA cup belonged to Arsenal.

In his post-match interview, Wenger said, "the plan worked". And how wonderfully it worked. They had proved that ManU are incapable of scoring a goal even with all the help from the opposition. They can't win even if the opposition sleeps through the game. And with all their millions they still don't have the nerve to strike five clean penalties.

Revenge complete! Season redeemed! Back now to the 'beautiful game'.
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Speed Breaker Ahead

The sign "Speed Breaker Ahead" is commonly translated into
Hindi as "Speed Breaker aage hai" (at least in Mumbai).
Shouldn't it be "Aage Speed Breaker hai"?

The former translation seems more appropriate when you are
expecting visitors to the speed breaker ("Taj Mahal aage hai"),
whereas the latter is the correct "there is" interpretation.

Lara sublime

The 156 against Pakistan in the ongoing VB series prompts this post.

I feel that there is this inexpressible quality about Lara's batting:

the adventurism, the showmanship, the orthodox defence, the carefree drive, the cut for the turn, the slash for pace, the extravagance of the backlift, the elegance of the swing, the finesse against the seamers, the dance against spin, the recklessness of the hook, the blitheness of the glance, the errors all so human, the style nigh divine ...

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My "Best Squad" -- draft 1

20 member squad ... 20+1 actually ... I Kan't drop Kahn!


Iker Casillas/Victor Baia/(Oliver Kahn)

Paolo Maldini/Rio Ferdinand/Sol Campbell/Fabio Cannavaro/Ashley Cole/Paulo Ferreira/John Terry

David Beckham/Patrick Vieira/Claude Makelele/Zinedine Zidane/Roy Keane/Ronaldinho/Michael Ballack

Thierry Henry/Andriy Shevchenko/Adriano/Eto'o